Savate Resistance book

The book/manual guides you through Savate’s unique history, and briefs the techniques
within the six combat ranges, including seven weapons, actions of last resort and general tactics.
The collective works will be a valued reference to any martial artist.

AU$30.00 plus postage

Order direct –  bridgemansavate@hotmail.com

‘The history is very interesting—-the rest of the book goes well beyond what I was expecting from an introductory book.’    SC
‘Your work is incredible ! The text about port de bras is very very precise.‘  FH
‘The way you integrate tactics within kicking combinations is quiet innovative.’    HC
‘I find chair fighting to be the great defensive weapon that anyone could use.’   KF
‘From bare-hands to weapons commonly used in the street, this system has you covered.’  SF
‘In a sense its a technical book, and I wouldn’t recommend it to the thirteen year old next door.’  KG